Low Back Pain

Low back pain is one of the most common conditions reported after a person is hurt in a Tampa car accident. The lower back is known in medical terms as the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine area is under constant compression and stress. Low back pain is best diagnosed and treated by a car accident doctor in Tampa, FL. Seeking car accident medical treatment in Tampa, FL is the first step to a full recovery. Personal injury treatment care can vary and depends heavily on how you were hurt in a Tampa car accident.

According to spine-health.com, “Most commonly, mechanical issues and soft-tissue injuries are the cause of low back pain. These injuries can include damage to the intervertebral discs, compression of nerve roots, and improper movement of the spinal joints. The single most common cause of lower back pain is a torn or pulled muscle and/or ligament.”

Many of these injuries can occur as the result of the impact sustained in an auto accident. Tampa car accident doctors differ from general practitioners and have the knowledge and experience to lead you to the best recovery for your injuries. Lower back pain relief after a car accident is the ultimate goal for our medical providers and their patients. Whether you believe you have a lower back sprain or a herniated spinal disk, it is important to seek professional medical care. The proper car accident medical care will include an initial assessment, diagnostic imaging, and a treatment plan.

If you are experiencing low back pain as a result of an auto accident in Tampa, FL, our car accident doctors are the best resource for your medical treatment and car accident legal case.

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