Delayed Pain and Injury

After a car accident, many people feel overwhelmed by the situation. Because of the stressful nature of an accident, it is common for a person to assume they are unharmed and move on with their life. Many car accident injuries aren’t immediately noticeable. Some injuries don’t present themselves right away, and pain after a car accident can be delayed for hours or days, and at times: weeks. This is why it is important to seek a medical evaluation with a car accident doctor right away.  After an initial evaluation with a car accident doctor, it is advised to continue monitoring for new symptoms or worsening of existing symptoms following your car accident.

Delayed pain can mask the symptoms of a minor or even severe injury.

A pinched nerve, herniated disc, or other back injury may take several hours or even a few days before symptoms are noticeable. Nerve damage, abdominal pain, shoulder pain, and other types of injuries may also go unnoticed for days following a car crash.

Many patients describe a tingling in the hands and fingers or tingling in their feet and toes. Often, this can indicate an injury causing an impingement to nerves. This symptom should be taken seriously despite a delayed pain reaction. 

A concussion after a car accident is commonly undiagnosed and attended to. An evaluation by a car accident doctor is the best way to avoid an injury going unnoticed or untreated. 

These are just a few auto injuries that may cause delayed pain. If you’ve been in a car accident, call us to schedule an appointment with a car accident doctor for an evaluation. All of our car accident doctors accept car insurance. Our patient advocates are happy to walk you through the process any time to ensure your best recovery!

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