Accident Treatment Center

After an auto accident, it can be confusing to determine your first steps. If you are experiencing a life threatening injury, immediately call 911. If you are hurt but it is not life threatening, your next step should be to seek an Accident Treatment Center, such as Car Accident Care Centers. It is important to seek treatment from experts in the injuries that occur following a car accident.

While a primary care physician, urgent care, or even hospital ER might see you for an initial evaluation and perhaps x rays, these steps are not adequate for your complete injury assessment or your rehabilitation and continued care. An MRI and diagnosis of soft tissue damage are essential in developing a treatment plan. An Accident Care Center can provide the necessary evaluations, imaging, assessments, treatment, and documentation vital to your recovery and auto insurance claim.

Accident Care Centers offer expert treatment for spinal injuries, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, and more associated with an auto accident. In addition to ongoing comprehensive treatment, an Accident Care Center works with the expert specialists for whatever pain or injury you may be experiencing.

Additionally, an Accident Treatment Center can also provide patient advocates that fully explain the scheduling, transportation, medical care, and billing associated with your treatment. At Car Accident Care Centers, we pride ourselves in our patient care and rehabilitation. Your full recovery is our priority!

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