Accident Doctor

After a car accident, it is important to address injuries as soon as they present themselves. A car accident doctor can be a chiropractor, orthopedic specialist or an interventional pain specialist among several other specialties. 

Many of our patients neglect treatment because they hope their pain and discomfort will disappear on its own. Some patients do not initially feel any pain because the injuries have not yet presented themselves or the adrenaline of the accident is still numbing their pain. It is always advised to see a car accident doctor following an accident to thoroughly check for injuries and damage caused. Don’t wait to have a medical exam performed by an accident doctor at any of our locations. An initial evaluation and imaging will reveal car accident injuries you may not yet be aware of.    

An accident doctor is important in both your physical rehabilitation, as well as the legal documentation of your claim. In order to protect yourself, an accident doctor will search for any and all injuries sustained in your accident. Each visit and specialist referral will be documented as well to ensure details important to your claim are included. This can maximize your physical recovery as well as the recovery from insurance for your damages. 

Our patient advocates are experts in car accident injuries and the injury medical treatment needed for them. Call and speak with us today so that we can guide you to a car accident doctor in your area. We are happy to help you feel your best again!

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